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Loyalty Program

CFM Store is further enhancing the customer experience with the introduction of a new Loyalty Programme. 

What are the Benefits of Loyalty Program? 

The new programme for members is divided into 4 tiers which have their own set of benefits:

Level 1: Explorer

Condition: Free to join for all new customers


  • Welcome gift: 10% discount for the first purchase
  • Early access to sales and promotions
  • Shipping benefits
  • Anual birthday gift

Level 2: Admirer

Condition: customers who have spent at least 125$ lifetime 


  • Early access to new arrivals
  • 8% discount for lifetime 

Level 3: Enthusiast

Condition: customers who have spent at least 250$ lifetime


  • Exclusive seasonal offers
  • 13% discount for lifetime

Level 4: Devotee

Condition: customers who have spent at least 450$ lifetime


  • Merchandise giveaways
  • Limited edition product access
  • 17% discount lifetime

How can we recognize you?

The system will recognize you by your name, phone number, or payment information then sort automatically into the particular levels.