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KneeGuard Kid Footrest

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Product description

No More Stressful Long Car Trips With Kids!

The Car Seat Footrest was designed by our founder a father of two children. After not being able to find any solutions to make his kids comfortable during long car rides he started doing extensive research. Pretty quickly the main issue became apparent, kids are misbehaving in cars because it’s extremely uncomfortable sitting in a position with feet dangling in the air as their legs fight against gravity. Adults can relate to this as well simply by trying to sit strapped into a chair that their legs can't reach the floor and pretty quickly they will become as cranky as kids get during long car trips.

Results of Not Having a Footplate for the Car Seats.

    • When children don't have a footplate for their feet it causes blood circulation to slow.
    • Typically after awhile they'll feel a numbness in their legs.
    • When the feet are in the air it makes the body feel unstable. As the car starts and stops it will cause body movements to overreact.
    • After awhile the familiar feeling of pins and needles will start bothering children.
    • The kids will start kicking the seats in front of them.
    • After awhile as the kids gets more uncomfortable they'll start misbehaving.

The Car Seat Companion

Rated Most Important Travel Accessory!

KneeGuard Kid Footrest provides a comfortable and stable Footrest for your child’s legs. This will free up the children from all of the above. Having a Footrest attached to your Car or Booster seat will transform your car trip experience. Your kids will be able to color, draw, eat neatly and play games during car trips.

When parents purchase car seats or consider a road trip, the KneeGuard Kid Footrest is their #1 helpful travel companion.

Why do we need a Car Seat Footrest?


The force of gravity exerts pressure on children’s legs when they’re sitting in a car seat or booster seat without a stable base for their feet. To protect themselves, children end up sitting in awkward positions for extended lengths of time, hurting their posture and knees.

The KneeGuard Footrest relieves strain on knees and thighs, improves blood circulation, eliminates leg cramps and numbness.

Interview With Dr. Lee Am - Orthopedic Surgeon, Hospital Director, CHAM TNTN Hospital


What is the safest way for growing children to ride in a car?

For a safe ride, we certainly need to use car seats for children. It is important that children stretch their legs from time to time so they don’t overtax their legs. It's strongly recommended to have a footplate where their legs can rest on, so their legs aren’t influenced negatively by the force of gravity. This will lead to safe and comfortable driving experience.

Passed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard!

The KneeGuard Kids Footrest was reviewed and crash tested by independent third-party SLED engineers performing the SLED test at the Calspan Corporation Transportation Test Operations.

The KneeGuard Footrest was successfully approved and met all the standards set forth by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS-213)


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